Well howdy everyone! I am so so feeling much better after a good nights sleep, after a stress filled month I have finally slept without waking up except to feed master Tige...Don't you just hate it when your brain goes into over drive just as your head is on the pillow? It's sods law, without a doubt that is when I start thinking about stresses or concerns I might have and then sleep eludes me. However last night I plonked into bed at 10pm (so early for me) and the sleep fairy sprinkled some of her shut eye dust on me and that was that I got myself some restful zzzzz's.

Okay so now that I have bored you with my insomnia problems tee hee I thought I would share with you my latest layout created using palette #68 for The Color Room that was released this morning.
This page is of my aunty and I. The photo was taken when I was about a week old, mid August 1970. I have always shared a closeness with my Aunty Lol(short for Laurel) she is just one of the most beautiful and kind people I have ever had the fortune to know and love her so much. 

Here's the digi version and the palette below it...
Okay well better head off to battle the shopping trolley at Woolies, if you need some inspo head over to The Color Room everyone is so friendly and supportive there you are bound to have some fun.
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  1. Wow! Both are simply gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I so love your style!!!!!

  2. oh wow EM this is adorable! love it all xx :)

  3. oh holy ♥WOW♥ how fabulous are both versions of this??! totally gorgeous and i looooooove how you can do pink i a grungy/cool goth way as well! ps: it is easy to see who young mr. tige resembles as a baby!!!!!! :)

    ps: i am sorry to hear *INSOMNIA* is another thing we have in common, especially THAT variety where you just lay there with your heart racing and of course there's nothing you can usefully DO about any of the stressy things right then!!! my current "secret weapon" is an app for iphone called "audiobooks" that is FREE and has all "public domain" books (so lots of lovely classics i've always wanted to read or re-read) and i put one earbud in and use the sleep timer... :) :) :) xoxox


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