Hi everyone,
Its that time of the week again...the Friday palette and sketch reveal at The Color Room, and I am so excited by this weeks colours they are right up my alley. The Sketch is actually my very own but re-drawn in Lydell's style so I'm twice as excited to see my sketch on a Color Room palette, woot woot!

Anyhoo, here is the Digi page for palette #69 reveal. All elements are my own except for the curled string which I credit the fabulous Lydell Quin for! :)
Here is the ridgy-didge/hybrid version which I am absolutely chuffed by how it worked out. 
I spent most of the week procrastinating on how I was going to replicate the diamond repeat pattern on the background paper of the digi version and decided that since I didnt have a diamond pre-cut stencil at hand I would make my own using some plastic sheeting and a steady hand...gosh I was transported back to my Art School days as a screenprinter anyhoo here's the stencil that I used along with Tim Holtz Barn Door Distress Ink...both are my new favorite scrap booking tools of the moment! tee hee
...and here is the palette for this week if your in need of some seriously awesome inspo then pop into TCR and say hello!
Okay well got a pot of Chicken soup on the stove in preparation for a scrap & chat night I'm hosting tomorrow night so had better taste test that and ice the cupcakes I baked as a little treat for the girls...can't wait bring on tomorrow woot woot!

Hope you have a fabulous weekend and thank you for stopping by! xox


  1. oh Em.. you are so TALENTED!!! not only can you do digi and traditional scrapping you can make your OWN templates! I just marvel at your creative.. you make me go wow wow WOW every week!!!
    I love that palette and hoping I can work with the colours maybe do it justice, unlike last week.
    THANKS for inspiring me once again.. and tomorrow night... sounds AWESOME.. wish I lived closer. Now give that gorgeous man a snuggle for me and enjoy your weekend xx

  2. Hi Emma, I decided to hop over to your blog and find out that you have an amazing blog. I just love everything about your statement of arts! You have superb ATC and of course your both stunning digi and hybrid layouts for TCR every week!! It's really an amaze on how you create the full digi and non-digi layout. Your work does amaze me and this week diamond background was an awesome one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! This is absolutely awesome! I love everything about this lo!

  4. hello, you!!! i have to agree with your assessment of said lad's cuteness... at levels commensurate with his mama's CLEVERNESS! what a family!!! both versions of this are gorgeous and AMAZING (as usual!) ♥♥♥


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