Trying to find a new schedule with Tige's schooling and design time has been a little tricky. Trickier than I thought. I seriously think I was delusional when I thought I'd have more time up my sleeve with Tige attending school 5 days a week, but jeepers nope thats furtherest from the truth...what's with that?!

School pick up and drop off is what nightmares are made of, hassling for a parking spot even a block away can at times be difficult let alone negotiating the bloody morning peak hour. Arriving at school and watching Tige with his new school buddies before the bell rings is the ultimate reward....Oh wow what a fun time we've been having.I am slowly meeting other mum's (some my age group yay!) and I'm now on the P&C as a volunteer plus I put my hand up for the Risk Management Stategy Committee which I am sure will be really interesting. So begins school life!

After the morning rush I hit the computer and well its been all systems go designing lots of new digital collections and nifty packs. March is a big month so I thought I'd share some of my current pages using all my latest products. Hope you like them :)
'Highest High'
'Key To My Heart'
'Fun in The Sun'
'Cranky Pants'
'You Make Me Smile'
'He Is...'
'Art & Craft Day'

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  1. These look amazing,, and yes totally agree life gets busier when they go to school.. that drop off and pick up timeslot each day just come around so quickly.. the holidays become special times when you can just stay out of the rush for a little bit!


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