MY TOP 12 FOR 2014!

After a couple of years that were so incredibly difficult, 2014 has turned out to be a bit of a reprieve from all that uncertainty and I cannot wait to pop that cork and celebrate 2014, what a ripper of a year it was!

It really has been an amazing 12 months! A year where Dan and I have had to get to know the new versions of ourselves. Its not been easy but I really like where we are at now. You see we very nearly left our marriage. I have talked about my depression before which came as a result of this. Putting on the brave face wasn't cutting the mustard for me, in the end my saddness took over. I was hurt and continually hurting I honestly didnt think life could get any worse. But now what really makes me proud is that we stuck it out! I am soooo grateful that we did, he has my back I have his and our Tigey is our shining light!

2015 is shaping up and promising to be a big year! Life works in mysterious ways after all this emotional 44 I can say I feel happy and grounded. One of the newest blessings is that I finally have my dream job as a digital designer! Creating and designing kits and graphics packs is going to be my 9-5'er so whilst I'll be doing less scrapbooking I will be having fun creating and hopefully selling some of my goodies. If youre interested scoot over and check out my business blog THE NIFTY PIXEL for all the deets ;)

So, I thought a nice way to wrap up 2014 with a big bright bow is to share my top 12 pages from this year, one for each month and ones that I absolutely love. Its been fun working for some of the best designers in the digital industry another thing I feel blessed for, they are amazing and inspire me so much! Thank you Jules and Don (Sissy Sparrows), Krista Sahlin (Sahlin Studio) and Mirjam Schurings (Pink Reptile Designs) you guys rock, now I can say I am following the ranks it was you guys that gave me the confidence to give this a go, so thank you so much lovelies xox

'Kiss Me'Valorie Wibbens| Sprinkles V.22 and Sprinkles V.23Sara Gleason| Love Story ConfettiLynne-Marie Designs| Tattered Overlays 02 and by The Lilypad DesignersCOLLAB Kit: Spring has Sprung 

'This Day'
A wonderful Day Kit by Sahlin Studio 
Artsy Cameras No.1 by Anna Aspnes
ScriptTease FotoBlendzNo.3 by Anna Aspnes
SubtleQuotes Spring No.1 by Anna Aspnes
Project 366 WordART No.1 by Anna Aspnes

'Look At Me'
Sissy Sparrows| Room 19 Project #3

'Ride Like The Wind'
Sahlin Studio| September 2014 Freebie Template, Grunge Kit & December Daily Numbers Pack

'Wake Up Mummy'

'Love You Daddy'
'He's Got The Smarts'

'Nature Boy'
SISSY SPARROWS| Acid Wash Elements, Alpha Studio Mix 55 and Nice Threads.
KAY WINIECKI| Paper Mats Divided
KARAH FREDRICKS| Love Is Keely Date Stamps

Digital Credits:
Vinnie Pearce| Chinee 11 Paper Pack and Upgraded Elements Pack
Page Drafts Teamplate #31.2 by The Nifty Pixel 

'My Happy Place'

'Full of Love'

'Hello Happiness'

Thank you everyone for continuing to follow my blog its great to get your feedback and love that you guys stop by to leave me lovin'. Some of you pm me, others even call almost a unique experience these days with texting and social So thank you so very very much you guys also ROCK! he he

Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year!
Hugs Em xox


  1. Each and every one of your pages is just divine! Love them all and don't think I could pick a favorite from these!

  2. Loooove ur pages- love ur style!!! I'm so happy that life has settled into a good place for u all:) and may 2015 b the best yet:):)

  3. Oh Em I do hope 2015 is a wonderful year for you.. keep creating, and I hope things just get better and better on the home scene too.. always love what you create.. always in awe of digi work... always find something to smile about too.. Merry Christmas...

  4. Let's hear it for 2015!! Loved seeing all of your pages/work down memory lane--life can get difficult at times but it's always worth while when you hang in there & come out smiling at the end of it all. xoxo

  5. What an inspirational post! These pages are packed to the brim with goodness! TFS! I'm so glad 2014 was such a great year for you! We're kind of going through the mire of uncertainty right now, so I understand your pain. And thanks so much for leaving a little love on my blog! I'd be happy to share on FB, but I'm not on FB ;). XOXO

  6. Your work is truly amazing Em! I'm so glad the year has been kind to you. There will be so many women reading this post turning green with envy that you've managed to land such a perfect job! Congrats!

  7. These are all awesome, Em! Just love your work! A visual feast here!


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