Everyday I pinch myself just to make sure I'm not dreaming, is this truely my life...am I really a mother? OMG what an amazing thing it is to be so so happy. 

I love motherhood, all the quizzillion mummy's out there would say they love the awesomeness of those little cuddles and kisses, and for some of us we will even go as far as saying we love being puked on, because every little up chuck is a reminder that I have a gorgeous little boy, a little fella who is my forever expanding universe! 

This was something my mum said to me a few years ago about what I meant to her and now I completely understand the sentiment and meaning behind those 4 words 'my forever expanding universe' Tige is everything I hope to be, if that at all makes sense.

So in light of my little blurb above my hybrid and digi DT pages  for this weeks palette #76 reveal from The Color Room are yep you guessed it..all about 'my forever expanding universe' Master Tige. I also thought I'd mention the fantastic Tim Holtz Make your own masks that I used to create the 'Chevron' pattern on the hybrid page, you can grab some of this awesomeness at Scraptherapy. The misted circles are created using the customised misting screen I made using my Cricut machine.
Okay better finish off the hybrid LO from last weeks palette eeek, always doing a catch up! Have a fabulous weekend everyone, waving at you excitedly!xox


  1. Em.. I LOVE this page so much. I think I need to scrap about the happiness - might make be more appreciative.
    Enjoy your weekend x

  2. Both of these versions look fab! I really like the look of the pics!


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