I know I said I'd update the last post by showing you the layout I created using the Color room Palette #35 and the self portrait I did yesterday... but last night, I had a brain wave and came up with an idea using the fabbo Cricut Machine.
Here's the layout first and then the tut on how to create your own misting mask.

and The Color Room Palette#35
The idea grew out of the need for a unique misting mask to use in the layout I had in mind. I wanted a very stylised repeat leaf pattern but didn't have anything that would suit in my misting screen/mask stash so thought quite literally 'A-HA', what could I create using my cricut?

The 'Accent Essentials' Cartridge had the perfect leaf, I had some thick acetate so I got cracking. Sadly I did not think to take piccies of that but did so when I went crazy cutting several customised screens later, tee hee. 
Here's what I did...


Step 1:
Load your acetate into the Cricut and set the page size. This is done by navigating the blade to the top right hand corner using the arrow buttons. Once you have set it the blade will automatically return to the top left hand corner.
NB:This step only applies if you are using a piece of paper or acetate smaller than a 12X12.

Step 2:
Select portrait or landscape depending on your paper placement on the cutting mat. Then select the shape/accent you want to use and enter the size you want by toggling the size wheel.

Step 3:
Press Autofill, this will calculate how many accents it can cut within the confines of the paper size. At this point the machine will automatically begin to cut. When cutting has finished remove the acetate from the cutting mat.
Step 4:
Carefully remove the accents making sure not to tear the acetate then keep the accents to use in other projects (Idea:You can ink them using Tim Holtz Alcohol Inks, paint them or leave them clear)
Step 5:
Mist away using your very own customised screen!
NB:You could also use a thicker stencil acetate (which you can buy at your local art/craft stockist or Spotlight if you have one in your area) which is an opaque sheet and comes in different sizes. In order to use this you will have to house a deeper cut blade into your cricut for it to work.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and thank you for stopping by xox


  1. This is a fantastic idea, I am still exploring my cricut machine so thanks so much for the new idea

  2. omg now i neeeeeed a cricut!! So clever thanks Emma!!

  3. This is a fantastic idea. Can you tell me what brand of acetate you were using, and what settings you used on the Cricut to get such a great cut?

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