New Job, and fun all round!

Yes...Dan got the job....YIPPEEE! He's off to Dalby, Qld in 3 weeks to start his new adventure as chef for a catering company on the oil rigs! Lots of red dust and hungry mouths to feed, but he'll love it! I'm excited for him, he's been wanting a different challenge to sink his teeth in, so this will definately brighten his spark. He will be away 3 weeks then two weeks off, oh thats the life, I think I'll be seeing more of him this way which will be a bonus, and there is nothing like distance makes the heart grow fonder...tee hee.

My week at Scrapboutique has been awesome, I've been busy organising my challenges as Stylist and scrapping madly to complete my DT Sample LO's, 2 done, 2 to go, phewwwww! I also completed my Technique Review for the Newsletter which will be emailed the middle of this month....oh sooo good to be organised. I'll be hosting on the forum a new swap but wont reveal this until the NL has been posted, but it will be my baby and I am sooo excited about it, I just hope the forum members will be too, lol!

Here's my first Sketch/Stash Stomper Challenge I have set as Stylist at Scrapboutique...

my first Sketch Template...woot woot!

...and my LO and interpretation of the sketch template, is a photo taken of my nephews 5 years ago...finally I used it! Lol

Chelsea, myself and the other stylists have also been nutting out the Christmas 09 Workshops, and there are some awesome ideas for projects this year, cards, gift boxes, and home decor to name a few, but I wont be revealing any more than that...sneeky. It will be a  fun one, so I hope to see some of you lovely peeps at the boutique forum ;)


  1. Wow that's fantastic news about Dan's new job!

    What an awesome sketch and sample Em! Sounds like you've heaps of inspiring creations to come. I'll look forward to seeing it all!!!

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

    Sheree xx

  2. Loving your work at the Boutique Em :) hope you are enjoying it xxx


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