Hi everyone, welcome to the month of May! The May 2019 Inspiration challenge is inspired by this months birthstone the EMERALD.

The lushness of the colour green is so refreshing and symbolises so many things including the colour of life, renewal, nature and energy. It is also associated with meanings of growth, harmony and safety.

I just love this colour and thought why not make it this months inspirational hue and then I had a brain wave moment, what do all these symbolic meanings of the colour green remind me of? Yep you got it, my mum and being a mum! So lets step this challenge up and create a page dedicated to the theme of Mothers Day and make green the main colour palette of your design.


  • Create a project that focuses on the theme Mothers Day and what that represents for you. You could scrap about your own mum or someone who has been like a mum for you. You could scrap about the highs and lows of being a mum or if you’re a mum to fur babies thats totally being a mum too! The skies the limit on this one.
  • You must use the colour Green as you primary colour palette. This can include as many shades, hues and tones of green that you like. So have fun with green!
  • Other colours can absolutely be included. However please make sure green remains the predominate colour.

Here is my page dedicated to my wonderful mum. My mum has been an amazing support for me all my life but more so these past few months since my diagnosis. She has totally stepped up and helped with running the house and looking after Tige when Dan has worked away from home and when I’ve been too unwell to do it myself. I can’t imagine how our little family would of coped without her tremendous love and support. Love my mum! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!
I used various shades of green and teal in my page with a touch of red and black as accents.
SCRAPPABLE STACKABLES No.3 | Lynn Grieveson Designs & The Nifty Pixel
FORECAST KIT | Lynn Grieveson Designs
WORN EDGES MIXED | Lynn GrievesonDesigns
VINTAGE TAPE MEASURES | Lynn Grieveson Designs
FASTEN IT | Lynn Grieveson Designs
ACCOUNTED FOR BRUSHES | Lynn Grieveson Designs
LABEL MAKER 2 CU STYLE | Mommyish Designs
SACRED TIME FOR OURSELVES (Subscriber Freebie) | Rachel Jefferies​

For extra inspiration I have put together a PINTEREST BOARD called GO GREEN this has tonnes of great ideas to inspire your pages.

Remember our monthly challenge rules:

Your page must contain at least 75% Lilypad product. Your page should be posted to the Lilypad Gallery and then linked to the MAY Challenge Layouts thread so it can be tracked, and to this thread.

The Lilypad uses a percent system for our challenges; the number of challenges you participate in determines the store discount you will receive at the end of the month:

2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off

If you complete 7 challenges, you will receive a coupon for 30% off, plus you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from the Lilypad! The first seven challenges will be posted on the first of the month; the eighth challenge is the BYOC challenge, which is posted on BYOC release day. Each page counts for one challenge (you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges).

I can't wait to see your Mothers Day pages in Green!

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