Hello Everyone, You probably didn’t notice but I was MIA last month in the challenges but I’m excited to be back with a new STYLE CHALLENGE which I have called LEVEL UP. This one is all about the fundamentals of a HORIZONTAL LINE in art. Lines applied horizontally accentuate width often evoking feelings of stability, grounding and add emphasis and direction that really help define the edges of a form. I love seeing structured pages that have little unexpected points of interest. So when you design your page, break it down to 3 main levels perhaps you’ll start with a PANORAMIC PHOTO or SERIES OF PHOTOS that span across the top of your page. Then create your TITLE which spans underneath the photo and finally adding a JOURNAL BLOCK that lays horizontal under your title work. Which ever order you choose make sure that your Horizontal spans are the same width or there about to create that structured balanced and levelled up look.


  • You can be as creative as you like with your journal blocks think in columns or perhaps mix it up with a JC and JOURNALING so long as it is all contained within its own Journal level/span.
  • You can use multiple photos so long as they all are on the one PHOTO level/span.
  • Your TITLE can be a series of words or elements that help convey your title or even add a clustered grouping for extra flair and a point of interest so long as all of that is on one level/span.

Here is my page. I kept it pretty structured but added some extra design elements to my last level the Title to really create some drama and point of interest. This also helped to balance all the stacked goodness in the cluster under the photos.

For extra inspiration I have put together a PINTEREST BOARD and below I pulled together a quick reference so you can see how creative you can get with this style by adding some unexpected design elements and flair.

Remember our monthly challenge rules:

Your page must contain at least 75% Lilypad product. Your page should be posted to the Lilypad Gallery and then linked to the NOVEMBER Challenge Layouts thread so it can be tracked, and to this thread.

The Lilypad uses a percent system for our challenges; the number of challenges you participate in determines the store discount you will receive at the end of the month:

2 challenges = 10% off
4 challenges = 20% off
6 challenges = 30% off

If you complete 7 challenges, you will receive a coupon for 30% off, plus you will be entered to win a $50 gift certificate from the Lilypad! The first seven challenges will be posted on the first of the month; the eighth challenge is the BYOC challenge, which is posted on BYOC release day. Each page counts for one challenge (you cannot use one layout for multiple challenges).

Have fun with those horizontal sight lines. I can't wait to see YOUR LEVELLED UP pages in the gallery!
Happy scrapping 
Em x

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