This month I decided to join in on the Pocket Letter Swap over at The Lilypad and can I say I am hooked! Some of you may know that I love to make ATC’s but its been such a long time since I’ve participated in a swap and its been hard finding one in my local area to meet and make some new friends that also love ATC’s.

Anyways, I noticed a few digi girls on FB asking each other if they had started their pocket letters and I was like wahhhhh??? What is this? So I scooted over to the Hybrid forum at TLP and what I saw was like a massive beacon of goodness beckoning me to join in! The Pocket Letter swap group was just my cup of tea. These girls are seriously creative ladies and they were making some flippen' awesome Fullsleeve ATC sets! 

How it works is you team up with a partner and begin to make your own full sleeve to swap with them. You include a letter and if your wanna share some wee gifts in your parcel you can too. This is ATC’S ON STEROIDS & YOU GET A PENPAL too! Love it!



I have to say I am definitely hooked, these are so much fun to make and who doesn’t like receiving a full sleeve of ATC’s? No-one ever!
Hugs Em x

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