THE MOMENT YOU DISCOVER... are holding your breath! For those of you who have experience that moment when you feel a lump in your breast you will no doubt relate to that and also what I am about to say....

I wasn't running around the house in panic mode but I sure did feel the blood rush to my head probably because I was unknowingly holding my breath. It was that cold shiver that came over me that shook me for a 6 and brought me back to reality. I stood infront of my bathroom mirror and a quiz zillion baszzzillion thoughts went through my head. To see your breast red and inflamed but experiencing no pain spooked the beejeezus outta me and after self examination I discovered a small lump. Of course I called my GP but couldnt get an appointment until the next morning and by that time the lump had doubled in size.

I've had the ultrasound and mammogram (which was surprisingly not uncomfortable) and will be consulting my doctor tomorrow to see what they want to do next. Everything is okay according to teh Radiologists report phewwww, but in amongst the cluster of cysts there is one (cyst) that is quite complex in structure thankfully there are no lesions but it does require monitoring so am not sure what this means. If I have to have another ultrasound in a week or if they do a biopsy then of course I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

But here's the thing....although I know deep down that everything is going to be okay, I have realised something and that is that I spend way too much time in front of the computer! OMG she has finally admitted it and out loud too! lol Look I love what I do but really is that how I want to spend my life, hauled up inside like a mushroom constantly working? Thats the downside to running a business from home there is no clock off time. So I have decided to make some drastic changes to my work load. Its just working out how and what exactly.

I am most certainly going to continue to scrapbook and fullfill my DT commitments, thats fun and keeps me sane, but I honestly need to work out how I can change my situation. Life is tenative at the best of times but when something like this bumps into you and very nearly topples you over you start to reassess your life and the way you view it becomes an extremely lucid moment...that I am very certain of!

If there is one thing I want to impart onto you is if you are like me and have lumpy breasts it can be hard to discern what you are feeling in a self examination so please take yourselves off to your GP and have a clinical breast examination, its peace of mind and hey early detection is paramount!

Anyways I'll keep you all posted with updates but I am sure its going to be fine so dont worry 'bout me I'm a tough old boot and positivity is the only outlook allowed in my world right now he he.

Okay so on a lighter note I thought I'd share a couple of pages I recently created but havent yet had a chance to share. This first one is of Tige with his Godparents kiddies, my godson Kellan and his big sis Jenna.

Always Be Happy
Digital Credits:
Blue Skies and Lemon Drops Elements Pack by Studio 68
Blue Skies and Lemon Drops Paper Pack by Studio 68
Blue Skies and Lemon Drops Border Madness by Studio 68
Bloomin ' Border Madness by Studio 68
Here. There Wordart pack by Studio 68
Its a Date Elements Pack by Studio 68
Paint Your Story Challenge 01 Freebie by Studio 68
Artsy Camera's No.1 by Anna Aspnes
ScriptTease Happiness No.1 by Anna Aspnes
ScriptTease FotoBlendz No.3 by Anna Aspnes
Dripped Stains Toolset No.5 by Anna Aspnes

 'I Heart Art'
Digital Credits:
ArtPlay Palette Vitality by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Vitality Word Labels by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Vitality Fotoblendz by Anna Aspnes
Self WordART No.1 by Anna Aspnes
 SkinnyLined Overlays No.2 by Anna Aspnes
ArtPlay Palette Things To Heart  by Anna Aspnes
PinStriped Textures No.1 Brush Set by Anna Aspnes
ScriptTease Love No.1 Brush Set by Anna Aspnes
Messy Stamped On No.3 Alpha by Studio 68

 'Stay Strong'
Digital Credits:
Motivation Wordart by Sahlin Studio
This Carefree Day Kit by Sahlin Studio
Page Drafts Sketch #27.2 by The Nifty Pixel

The following two pages are created using the latest and greatest release by Sissy Sparrows called  'Vintage Vixen' I completely heart this kit, oh my!

 'Best Things In Life'
Digital Credits:
Vintage Vixen Full Kit by Sissy Sparrows
Vintage Vixen Overlays by Sissy Sparrows

'Enjoy The Magical Moments'
Digital Credits:
Vintage Vixen Full Kit by Sissy Sparrows
Vintage Vixen Overlays by Sissy Sparrows
Page Drafts Sketch 27.3 by The Nifty Pixel

Have a great weekend everyone and if anyone has experienced or is experiencing the same thing as me and you need a chat I am absolutely here for you, okay!
Hugs Em xo


  1. I'm thinking of you hun, take care and you made me think how much I spend on the PC and in my craft room, I recently decided to tone it down a bit and next year I am only going to take on 2 DT positions at once. I am a very organised person and it annoys me when the DT teams don't appreciate the time you are putting into the work you are doing for them. 99.9% happy but it's just I think you have to be choosy which ones you apply for as I am a newbie at all this and am learning some very important lessons. Take Care and look after yourself, I wish you all the best. Blessings from Ange xxoo

  2. My thoughts are with you!!! Sending you big hugs of comfort. Everything will be fine! Love, Sandra (Love your layouts:)).

  3. EEEEK! NOOOOOT a fun find, to be sure...but you're doing all the right I guess you can't do any more than that, & it's weird, really...a bit like having a baby...atm it's outta your've just gotta trust the peeps in charge will do the stuff they need to do & it will be all fine. I'm sure it will, too - but it IS a wake up call, to make the most of every day. That life isn't infinite & TODAY is the only enjoy every little moment:):)
    And of course, your pages are gorgeous...think my fave is the very top one....those smiling faces & the light, soft colours.....

  4. HI.. I know only too well what you are saying, i have been where you are.. I was ok too, but it was a scary thing.. and now i have ultra sounds and mamo's every year to keep an eye on the many cysts I have too.. I also had a call back for a biopsy and it was ok, but still quite scary. Every year after the day at the breast clinic where things have gone well it is a weight off my shoulders.. for a little while.. So I do wish you well and hope you get a good report tomorrow.. and I do love your layouts too.. always am in awe of digi, it is looks marvellous and so arty too.. take care..

  5. I'm sorry you had such a fright Em, but glad you received quick attention and the Radiologist is confident things are OK. I understand what it's like to have lumpy breasts; it's just something that needs constant supervision. I love that you are able to see the positive in it and make decisions which will allow you to "be" in the moment and enjoy each day to the full. Your layouts are always a delight and I bought the magazine to try and follow your instructions....yikes...what was I thinking...there is no danger of me evolving into a digi queen anytime this century. Keep your chin up :D

  6. My thoughts & prayers are with far so good. Fingers crossed. I slowed down my scrapping & DT work probably when my son was born--so about a year & a half ago. I've had a few opportunities to take up more work but I've turned them down for the sake of spending time with my family. I love to scrap & art is my passion--but my priority is my family right now. As for your digi pages--they're beautiful as always. I so enjoy observing them b/c they have such an attention to detail. Please take care & stay strong.

  7. Sending you positive thoughts. It can be quite a balancing act and the time in front of the computer just flies by. For different reasons I have also been assessing my time and think I have to re-evaluate my time spent in some areas. Loving your digi pages - your mix of elements is always fabulous and inspiring. Stay strong.

  8. Oh Em, I'm praying for you and sending you all the happy thoughts you need, wishing you all the love and squeezie huggles, you'll be fine my dearest Em, Take care of you xoxoxoxoxoxo

  9. You are a flippin rock star (but you already know that ;) ) What a huge scare for you!! I've had a couple of scares over the years, and having lost my Mum to breast cancer, it's terrifying. I've also got those lumps and bumps and so does my sister, who recently had to have her milk ducts removed on one side due to Intraductal Papilloma. Keep a close eye sweets and keep us posted xoxo

  10. I'm wishing you all the best with your results. I had a similar experience just before Christmas and the ultrasound guy stopped in the middle of a sentence and went to get his colleague.Of course I thought the worst. They did find cysts, but harmless ones caused by a car accident I suffered about 8 years ago.All is good! The worst part is waiting those 2 weeks to find out. Keep us posted and welcome to Archiscraps too!

  11. Oh Emma - I've just visited your blog for the first time and what a first post I've read! All the very best to you. So far the results sound promising so I'll keep my fingers crossed. I suspect you've got a whole lotta support from your scrappy friends so I'll add mine to it. Good luck :)


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