This week Sissy Sparrows released a beautiful kit called 'Hopes Float'. Its filled to the brim with gorgeous embellishments and delicious watercoloured papers. The extra packs in this release include some fabulous watercolour brushes and a set of crayon stamps that are a tonne of fun.

The kit really reminds me of summer and those delicious sorbet and gelato ice-cream ya just gotta have on a hot summery day. These pics of Tige sharing his 'i-keem' with me were a perfect fit don't you think? 
'My i-keem'
Mommyish Template- Facebook Freebie

This next page uses a photo I've scrapped before. It's one of my faves of Dan and I and is a reminder to me of how far we have come over the last 2 years. We've been through a very difficult patch (not uncommon I suppose in any marriage), but after lots of understanding, forgiveness and support toward each other I am ecstatic to say we are good mates again... which is always a crucial part of any marriage...well I think so...so am adding a big fat PHEWWW right here! lol 

The one thing I have learn't is that sometimes things happen out of your control. That although these upsets can be difficult to process namely because the hurt is so paramount sometimes stepping away from it, looking at it from a different perspective can be incredibly humbling. I can say observing someone else's greater battle than your own and watching them rediscover themself is an invaluable lesson in understanding acceptance, forgiveness, empathy and well the most important thing recognising that love truly does win in the end.

Once you love yourself a whole new world opens up... a much brighter and happier one thats for sure!

Anyways I thought this kit was also symbolic of how far we have come and how with just a little bit of hope you can find peace, resolution and a new found respect for any relationship thats perhaps going through a difficult time. 
 'Hope Floats'
Hopes Float Collection by Sissy Sparrows
Sketch Release #22 by Page Drafts

...and lastly Sissy Sparrows collaborated over at Scrapbookgraphics to create this months 
Studio Mix #55 The Whole Story which is another kit that wont disappoint. Below is my DT page again featuring none other than my cheeky whittle boy who can now by prompt,  pose for me, gotta love having such a cute muse to photograph!
'Forever Cheeky'
Studio Mix #55 by Sissy Sparrows, Rosey Posey & Jenn Maddocks
The Whole Story Lights by Sissy Sparrows, Rosey Posey & Jenn Maddocks\
The Whole Story Bubble Wraps by Sissy Sparrows, Rosey Posey & Jenn Maddocks
Mommyish Template- Facebook Freebie

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a fab day!
Hugs Em xo


  1. Gorgeous work as always Em! You are always an inspiration! X

    1. Thank you sweety, so happy to see you are back into the scrapping again, we missed you! xo

  2. I am glad for you that things are better.. life sure does throw some curve balls at times... these layouts are amazing, I had a giggle at the title of the first one.. reminded me of my kids when they were little and called ice cream i-keem too...and fabulous background details in the other layouts too.. you create so wonderfully!

  3. I hate that we have to go through challenges, but I thimpnk they make us grow and be stronger. Happy to hear that you and Dan are good!!! Again... Your work blows my mind! Stunning work Ems !!! Hugs xxx

  4. So glad you are into better times now Em. Life can be difficult at times but, if we're strong enough to get through the bad times it makes the good times so much sweeter. Love these pages!!! Gorgeous photos, fabulous backgrounds and beautiful colours. Love them all!!! oxox


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