As promised here is the hybrid version of 'Memory Keeper' ;)

Here is a close up...

Gotta love it when a page comes together so easily here are some quick shots of the process, maybe you might give hybrid a go too when you see how easy it is. So here's how I did it...

Step 1:
I isolated all the digital elements from my digital version of the page and dropped them into a word doc so I could print it off. 
Tip: Before printing I enhanced the brightness and set the printer to CMYK colour mode to ensure the colours were as close as possible to the original image.

 Step 2:
After printing off the elements I prepared them so they were ready to use on the hybrid page version. 

 Step 3:
Using a stencil I found at a Vinnie's Store and Versa Color ink 183 Cement I was able to replicate the grey stripes onto the base cardstock.

 Step 4:
I overlayed the cardstock ontop of a 12X12 'Circle Grid' Crafters workshop template.
Tip: Make sure each layer is taped into position to prevent any movement.

 Step 5:
I debossed the cardstock by carefully rubbing the surface using a paper creaser to create this fabulous debossed circle grid pattern.
Tip: When using this technique on plain coloured cardstock make sure your tools are clean to prevent any unnecessary dirty scuffs and marks.

 Step 6:
After printing off the word art onto a sheet of Grafix Rub-Onz I carefully positioned it onto the base cardstock making sure to align it. (NB: You can now purchase Grafix Rub-Onz at Paper Stories here.)
Tip: Use a chizler or the longer side of your paper creaser to remove any
bubbles and achieve a clean fixing.

Step 7:
When the top plastic layer of the grafix rub-onz turnes a whiter opaque colour you can lift an edge and peel back the layer to expose the underside which is infact your customised rub-on design.

So there you have it...the hybrid version of the digital page I did for CSI Casefile #37 on my previous post which you can see below or here.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by...


  1. so cool, love the layout and instructions. Thanks!

  2. I loooooooove the debossed look will definitely give it a try....awesome layout thanks so much for the inspiration!

  3. Very cool! Love this look too! The rub-on is so perfect for this!

  4. Wow Em this is fabulous!! I love how you embossed the circles that's an amazing idea!! Love love the LO.

  5. Love watching the process in action. And so many great hints and tips. I'm with these other girls.... definitely going to be giving that debossed circle idea a go!! Love this!

  6. Fantabulous, Em! So happy to have you at CSI! LOVE every little bit of this. Thanks for that rub-on tip! That is SOOOO cool!

  7. Love you tuts easy to follow and so creative!!

  8. Wow how cool Em! love it all especially the debossed
    have a nice day xo


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