I decided since its such a lovely community over at Soul Scrappers that I might do some of the challenges set for the month of July. I saw a fabulous sketch template created by Joy Anderson which appealed to me so created this page below for the NSC12 challenge.

oh and

which I used in the page ;)

Okay so then I started trawling through the other challenge threads and realised I had actually without knowing it completed PART 1 of this awesome quest set out below. I am cheering. Here's the quest outline which sounds like a tonne of fun, I'll be giving it a go...

Do you like a little vintage?  Enjoy playing with ribbon and lace and pieces of old paper?  Well this Soul Scrappers quest is for you.
Participants will be sent a package of FREE vintage embellishments to use on your layout or off the page creation. Everyone will receive the same items (or very similar) and you will be required to use all (or as much as you possibly can) of these items.  The addition of background cardstock or paper is allowed.
For this challenge I am also setting the following criteria …
You MUST use a vintage black and white photograph (you can include more than one)   Note - vintage loosely indicates anything older than 40 years
And your layout or off the page item MUST be in a vintage style.
This challenge is open to 15 member participants only.  There will be a separate challenge running for members of the design team.
In order to be included in this quest you MUST also have entered two other challenges from those available for July.  That gives you the choice of some nine (9) Soul Team challenges in which to participate plus one from our lovely July Guest Soul Team member, Emma Stafrace.
GDT2, NSC12, WC12, THC51, CC5, SC54, SLC11, QC13, CUCC6, NSC13
The list will open for registration on July 21st and I will take names until July 31st unless numbers are filled before that so first in best dressed.

I will mail out the packages at this time so once you have signed up you will need to message me your postal details.
Three prizes will be awarded for this quest (plus a separate prize for the design team).  Pictures of these prizes will be put up once the registration opens.
The deadline for submitting your creations into the gallery, tagged SSQ13 will be August 31st.
REMEMBER - You have until registration opens on July 21st to complete two (2) of the July challenges - you must have completed these two challenges to be eligible for SSQ13 registration.

Are you up for a quest?


  1. Hats off too those hexagons...& fancy having donr the other part without realising !!!! I'm off to work for 3 weeks... Be near enough to 12 hr days plus I'll be outta the loop!!!! Least I can blog on the train:):):) have to get my fix reading blogs!!!!!!

    1. Oh gosh Lizzy, long shifts babes, far out you'll be so tired...sending you lots of blog lovin to keep you awake long enough to get you home and until your head hits the pillow xox

    2. Thank you...think I'll need it...the fairy sounds good:):):) thank goodness for laptops to help the commute go quicker!!!!!!

    3. oh yep, I hear ya hun tee hee

  2. Love what you did with the shapes...looks fab!

  3. This is Brilliant Em! Love the Design of this..... x

  4. What a. Fabulous page, Emma!! You did a fantastic job with those challenges! Love your design and how you've layered everything. And such a sweet photo!

  5. This is amazing Em!!
    I just love your work to bits!!


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