Here's another digi I've created for Sahlin Studio. I have a few more to share but thought I'd show you this one first as the others have a similar theme so figured they'd go better in their own post tee hee. I honestly don't know where all this creative energy is coming from, but right now while its happening I am going to strike while the iron is hot! But I do think its these fabulous kits that Sahlin Studio offer over at The Lilypad.

All the kits stand beautifully alone but work perfectly when mixed together... thats half the fun I reckon... trawling through all the fabulous paper packs and embellishments and pulling key elements out from each to make a design work.

Anyways I decided to create a page of moi using a photo I took the other day and figured I'd share a little bit of my anxiety surrounding this whole getting older business. Look I know being 40'ish isn't old if your a tree, but now that I have Tige I am somewhat reluctant about it all. I am sure this is just a phase and after doing this page even though its a simple message the process was cathartic. I kinda feel like I have unburdened myself by making a bright & bold page. Anyways here it is 'Note to Self'... (with a little slap to the face and a wake up to yourself thrown into the mix ;)
So Grateful Add-On Freebie by Sahlin Studio 
Country Fair Picnic Kit by Sahlin Studio,
Bigger & Bolder Paper Pack by Allison Pennington 
Perforated Paper Alpha by Kim Jensen,

so much so I used it in this page. You can download a free version of Orator Std here.
Thank you for stopping by I hope you have a great week. xox


  1. HUH! You better enjoy the next 10 years...I DEMAND it, 'cos when you turn 50...grey hairs, wrinkles, saggy skin, deafness, eye probs etc etc really start kicking in....so ENJOY the NOW....sent with Love & Advice from an almost Li'l Old Kick 'A' Lady in the making:):):):)
    BTW...GREAT piccy [you look so young - heehee]....LOVE the colours especially in those kite shaped bgs:):):):)

  2. Even if I am kicking you up the proverbial...I really, really, wish I'd - I dunno...loved my body a bit more in my 40's...looking back it was pretty dang good & I really didn't appreciate it:):):) Oh, & the Boobs [even little ones] DROOP...man! Not pretty!!!!

    1. LOL Lizzy, see now this is where I am completely freaking out now! I recently acquired driving glasses, the greys are an endless problem especially now that they are creeping into the eyebrows I dread them moving south, gasp...I get up in the morning and its deafening the creaking of my joints and even I get a fright when I stagger into the bathroom, that face looking back is familiar but seems to go unnocticed these days, damn, never thought I'd say I miss the wolf whistles ;) annnnd the boobs, well thats a whole other post in my opinion. This is the most disconcerting of all, oh choochies please be pert again ;) LMAO, actually don't let me mention the gluteous its most certainly of the maximus kind these days! Now I feel like crying! bwah ha ha

    2. Y'know the GOOD thing....you can EAT what you like...cos who gives a TOSS!!!!! And they tell me hair falls out, so don't worry about the greys down & around!!! [Taboo subject, but it came from a 78 lady who was AMAZING...so I believe her!] She used to draw lines up the back of her legs in WW2 when she was going out in Sydney to the dances...couldn't get stockings..which I'd heard before AND she NEVER wore knickers 'cos they'd make a mark...believe me, hearing that from an Old Broad made me realise...we never really age...just get a better sense of humour & slight wickedness...hopefully!!!!

    3. Oh well thats good news re: down and around lol...the stocking lines are a masterful craft Grandma talked about this too she would use boot polish to coat the thin edge of a ruler then carefully place the edge at the back of her calf and press it in. They were pretty resourceful that generation probably from growing up in the depression ;)

    4. ..resourceful & I think they really appreciated life. Worked hard, but enjoyed their time. Making me think I should do a 'What my Grandma said & did' mini album...always have sooo many ideas, & not enough time...& BTW, IF {IF} I did digi, I'd be using your lovely, lovely kits:):) Good on you!!!

  3. Neat lo! Love the circles!


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