Remember when it was absolutely acceptable and cool to wear bright, bold and loud massive prints. Even better when the colours clashed, were ghastly mission browns, or a kaleidoscope of primaries? Well I do, I seem to recall my childhood being a bright happy time, one filled with diagonal stripes, large fluffy cloud shapes and whirling butterflies.

This weeks word prompt at 'Bird is the Word' is 'Remember' and thats exactly what I decided I'd do...take a wee stroll down memory lane at the fabulously colourful clothes we used to wear in the 70's. Before I go into a big blurb here is this weeks DT page another digi delight hope you like it!
Its of me (the littlest one) aged 4 maybe 5 with my 3rd cousins when I lived in Sydney. Check out the clothes seriously fantastic!

Anyways here are some examples of the fabrics I am talking about. The designs were common place over 30 years ago but a little harder to come by these days however even in my wishful state to be a proud owner of a huge collection (I absolutely love them)I do have a few pearlers in my stash and am happy to admit it no matter how gaudy they may seem. 
There are some fabbo examples that you can find here if your feeling an urge to pur-chase a few! tee hee

We also seemed to have an uncanny ability at morphing into our surroundings just like a cameleon would thanks to said bold delights!( LMTooshO)

I also found this fantastic site Retro Print Revival that has me in an absolute spin, I have definitely gotta get to Melbourne this year and pop in for a looksie OMLordy I am in L.O.V.E with this place and I can see several of these lamps in my home especially this one my all time fave-or-rite thats a cert!
Thanks so much for stopping by and remember if your needing some simple but much needed inspo head on over to BITW for a new word prompt every fortnight! xox


  1. OMG Em, that certainly is a blast from the past! Lol.

  2. Go the socks and sandals you little trendsetter you ;)

    1. Amanda, my Gramps used to wear socks and sandals with his balinese shirt and safari shorts, lets just say I was channelling him, bwa ha ha


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