I'm so so excited to see the new Scrapbook News and Review Magazine, you wait until you see this awesomely designed interactive website. The new look eMag will be wowing everyone with its clever navigation and web viewing capabilities and from what I have been privvy to so far it will not disappoint I can promise you that!

If your interested in a subscription for the new site all details will be revealed shortly at the moment admin are crazy busy transfering the forum over to the new server and adding the final touches to the security and privacy settings and then it will be all systems go... I am doing some serious cartwheels and am biting at the bit for the launch to get underway, where's the MOET CHANDON!!!!

Until the big launch you can access the January Issue here although the forum is closed you can still see the January calls and classes.
Signing off with a big squeal! xox

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  1. Why haven't I heard about this before?? Sounds amazing!!


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