As my due date draws nearer I have this insatiable desire to scrapbook. Thankfully my sis-inlaw the gorgeous Linda sent me some piccies of our niece Miss Anela, so now I have some fresh material to play with.

Below is the paper and glue(traditional)version of a digital page I created a couple of days ago and below that is the digi version both following the TCR(The Color Room)#41 colour palette. I love tinkering on photoshop first before committing a pair of scissors to pricey papers, its also a great way to nut out your design first and resolve your overall image.
So here's the traditional layout...
I have also embarked on the catch up road of trying to complete past palettes so here is the first of some 30 odd layouts that need working on...eeeeek!
This LO is of my gorgeous sis-inlaws...
and the TCR#37 Palette that inspired it.
Thanks for stopping by and saying hello, time to scoot off and ice the Banana Cake that is beckoning to be eaten....yummmm!
Have a great day! xox


  1. Oh Em, you never cease to amaze me! I love your work...just is so special!

  2. So Glad you are tinkering with some catch up projects.....We all LOVE your stuff at TCR and would LOVE to see more!!!!!
    I PM'd you at TCR....not sure if you got it yet.
    Hope all is going good and your not to uncomfortable!

  3. some things i am thinking about this post:

    1. your niece is ♥GORGEOUS♥!

    2. i should "draft" more using digi!!!

    3. i need a circle cutter!

    4. you are AMAZING!!! ♥♥♥

    5. mmmmmmmmmmmm... banana cake........... :)


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