I know I am so lucky to be soon blessed with the arrival of our special little bubba, its still so surreal and I need to be pinched daily to believe it, thats why I'm smiling...but with such an amazing and incredibly beautiful future I can't help but feel a sadness so painful because of the lose of our most loyal, constant and loving friend Mr Osky our diggy dawg.
Now I know for some people this post may read OTT but for us Oscar was truly an integral part of our family. Not only was he our best friend he was my constant companion for the past 14 years. He showed nothing but loyalty, gentleness and unconditional love, which I can honestly say is more than some people I have crossed paths with in my life have ever offered...he was an awesome dog.

Osky was a stray homeless pup, that found Dan and visited him at the restaurant Dan cheffed at back in Canberra. Osky showed a persistence that all the staff saw. He kept strolling into the restaurant and straight into the kitchen staring up at Dan and wagging his tail. Dan couldn't resist his big brown eyes so brought him home after posting a couple of posters at the local shops. We waited 2 days with our fingers crossed that no-one would claim him and of course no-one did!
Osky was so much fun, he loved his paws being massaged, the perfect solution for calming an energetic puppy, but even as an adult dog Osky loved a paw tickle. Osky ruled the roost..he slept in our bed, told us when it was time to sleep when it was time to get up and when it was time to eat. He kept me sane many a night when Dan was working late and whilst Dan was away with work. He always greeted me at the door with a windmill tail wag the biggest circular rotation that I thought he'd propel off the ground. He leant on me whilst standing, the lean was so severe I reckon you could have measured it at a 45degree angle. I would often get nudged with a paw or wet nose if he wanted my attention. We would sound out 'beep, beep' and he'd walk backwards and he'd stomp his paws on the floor or head butt at the door if he wanted to go out...he just simply was the best dog in the whole wide world!
I am going to miss my boy like there is no tomorrow, I just can't fathom he wont get to meet our baby, that he wont be a part of our new family life, but I know he will always be to Dan and I...   
Our very special and loving friend!
Miss you so much snuggle puggle...


  1. Oh Em I'm so sorry you had to lose your doggy friend. I love the layouts you have done as a tribute to him. xx

  2. Emmy, I am so saddened by this post! I know how much you loved Osky, he was such a special part of you and Dan's life. He may be gone, BUT he will never be forgotten. And when the bubba arrives I know that in time you will show him/her all about Osky!!! Love all your LO's babe! Thinking of you and sending you cyber hugs Love Shaz xoxo

  3. I'm very sorry to hear your news, I too have experienced that loss & can relate. Love your layouts to remember him.

  4. Hi Emm,
    So sorry to hear of yours & Dans loss & l sure can relate to it..Its so heartbreaking losing a pet/bestfriend & i totally agree that they sure are more loyal & beautiful then some people....Hope your pregnancy is going well

  5. awww I get exactly how you feel.

    In answer to your question, both :).

  6. :((( you sure can tell how much Osky meant to you and how much you loved him.
    Good luck with bubba, cant wait to hear the news :))))
    Happy New year

  7. Osky was such a gorgeous boy and so lucky to have found you two!! We will all miss him - even Daisy!!

  8. Such a sad happening Em, you will surely miss Osky. Thinking of you, love Deb xxxx

  9. oh Em, I'm so sad for you :( I know how much you loved Osky, especially when he went missing earlier in the year and then returned! big hugs for you lovey xoxo
    It's ok to smile & cry ;)
    looking forward to seeing piccies of your gorgeous new bundle when it arrives!


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