I am such a sucker for ATC's and thank god for the smartie who had the forethought to come up with this idea. If I was not working I would be in every possible swap I could handle but these days I am a regular in 3 or 4 swaps and am loving the creativity these ladies come up with. So each month I try to get that little more clever and creative with my cards just so I can keep up and save face with these amazingly clever women.

Angie over at Scrap'N'Art does a monthly swap and if your thinking you would like to join in a swap hers are capped at 9 people per swap which makes life that much easier and also gives you a full sleeve for every theme you participate in. Check out her blog here and join in on the fun.

This months (July) theme was 'MOTION' which lends it self to lots of possibilities. I decided to do an interactive card so created this little pretty called 'Sk8ta Dude'.
By sliding the lever diagonally across the card the skater slides down the stair railing.I decided to keep this one fairly simple in design just so the skater is the central feature.

This next one was a swap with the Westfield Ladies, we meet every 3rd sunday of the month and set a theme for the following month with each visit. This months swap is 'AUSSIE SLANG AND SAYINGS'. Now I kinda cheated with this one because I had done a similar ATC for an O/S swap earlier this year but that edition was only 5 so thought and with the go ahead from the ladies from Westfield swap I could re-do the ATC with some minor changes. 
Here's the new ATC which is a little more clean in design...Its a bit hard to see what is being said in the speech bubbles, but I think it kinda captures the true essence of Oz, lol
This second last one I want to share is my June ATC with Full Sleeve, depicting what I am mostly scared of and that is claustrophobia and being buried alive. The theme was 'WHATS YOUR GREATEST FEAR?' and I think I might have pulled this one off. I got my gorgie hubby to take a piccie of my face squished up against the window then printed that in red onto some photo paper then printed it again in black on acetate and then sandwiched it in a shaker box filled with sand. I hope this one visually depicts my fear, but whenever I see it I crack up laughing thinking what a weird and funny face I have when its squashed up against a window, ba ha ha...not so sure for me it evokes sweat beads but hey here it is anyways!
Lastly here is the July swap at 'Full Sleeve'. The Theme was 'MASQUERADE' so I thought I am going to do a Cat masquerading as a Dog rather than a fun feathered depiction of a mask which I just know I wouldn't do justice.
Here's Kitty donning his doggy mask and getting ready to check out why dogs are allowed and cats are not! Gee I hope he finds it was all worth it!

Okay well thanks for stopping by, time to scoot...have a great weekend everybody! mwah


  1. OH EM! They are all so awesome!!! Can't wait to get them xx

  2. Emm! What more can I say babes YOU ROCK!!!!

    Lucky girl I am to have seen these already, only cause I live down the road, but totally AWESOME creations hun. LOVE THEM ALL!!!

    Angie xox

  3. Hello Miss Queen of the ATCs! I managed to track you down (via Belynda's blog). It was so nice to meet you almost a month ago (yikes!) Those new ATCs are awesome and very clever! Keep on it :)

  4. OMG they are SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  5. LOL totally love your fear one!!! Just classic!! You really did that justic...CANT WAIT to see that in real!! So so happy you recreated the aussie one..Lurve it!! Skater boy one is awesome too...thats heaps good in real...Bugger i missed that swap :( See ya sunday babes muwah xx

  6. awww thanks Lyn oooh and I have a spare SK8TA dude for you chickie...are you coming on sunday?

  7. These are awesome Em, especially the sk8ta dude :)

  8. Just love love love your atc honey


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