I have just got to share this little bit of interesting news with you all about my family history, something I just stumbled upon over the ANZAC long weekend!

I got all sentimental and googled my Grandfather 'Rowland Ransom Savage', wonderful name kinda sounds like a movie star, well in my eyes my grandpa was, tee hee. Anyways I discovered that the Australian Government has issued a Certificate of Commendation for service to WW2 return servicemen and women, so have ordered a copy for our family history book that mum has in her possession, thats all great etc.... I scrolled down all the other google entries associated with my grandfather I discovered a site called and there was an entry made 2 years ago by a forum member about the 'SS Wilcannia' a ship that took unassisted immigrants from the UK to Melbourne in 1911. 

His post talked about how he had in his possession a family bible with the inscription of Arthur and Maud Savage as being the owners of the bible. Arthur and Maud are my Great Grandparents!!! I was blown away, because as I read the following posts in this thread, the moderator had found information on my Grandfather in the National Archives, including his birth, marriage to my Grandmother 'Thomasina Webb', his service records in WW2 and the deaths of Arthur and Maud (Mum Mum) in the early 50's and 60's respectively. Just so interesting!

As you can imagine I was so excited to be reading all this and the prospect of connecting with a relative in the UK quite possibly my 2nd or 3rd cousin is really mind blowing! I've PM'd the forum member in the hope that we do connect, now its just a waiting game!

I would love to post you a photo of Maud and Arthur but unfortunately mum has them and given she is so far away I can't just scoot over and borrow them, but here is a couple of photos of my Grandpa on the beach in Alexandria after the first battle against the axis in 'El Alamein' and his return to unit before setting off for the second battle that ended Axis hopes of occupying Egypt, and taking control of the Suez Canal and gaining access to the Middle Eastern oil fields.
In this 2nd photo Grandpa has inscribed on the back
Taken on Beach on my return to unit Sept.1942
 Charles, Self, Jack Worlock
Peter Howard

Here's a photo of Grandma and Grandpa having a romantic day at the 'Cotter' Canberra not long after his return home.
and this one is of the family at the beach with friends with my mum as a toddler, who is sitting on my Grandpa's lap with Grandma tickling her neck.
I can feel some LO's coming on using these gorgeous photos! TFL


  1. OMG - That gives me goosebumps!!!!! How awesome

    AND I am jealous of those photos

  2. wow Em what an historical find. I sure do hope that they make contact with you. The photo's that you shared are awesome on their own can't wait to see what you do with them in your layouts, endless possibilies.

    Please don't tell me that the free swap is so soon, I'm so far behind but I do know what I'm doing just a matter of getting to put together. It will be nice to meet you in the flesh so to speak.

  3. Loving the new blog couture :)

    Wow I got goosebumps reading about your family history - what a fabulous find, and how cool to have photographs like that. I hope you can make a connection with your rellies - it really is a small world :)

  4. Hello! I see you posted this in 2010. Well it has taken me this long to find it but I'm sat here at midnight in the UK completely amazed at what you've written and the photos you've posted. My great grandfather was Herbert Sidney Ransom. His sister was Maud Ransom who married Rowland Savage. We have only just discovered that they emigrated to Australia in 1911 then had your grandfather Rowland Ransom Savage in 1916. Did you find any more out since 2010? I know a fair bit that I can tell you and have some Ransom photographs but none of Maud (or my great great grandfather Herbert for that matter). We are cousins of some kind (I will work it out tomorrow when I'm not so tired). Did you ever get chance to get hold of the one(s) of Maud?

    Adam Ransom

    1. Adam!!! OMG this is amazing and I have heaps to share. I am currently collating a tonne of stuff for you so stay tuned. I know its taken me ages to reply and will explain everything in a more detailed email in the coming days.

  5. Great to hear from you Emma. I'm really looking forward to your email. No worries on the delay, take your time (but not too much time ha ha) in putting it together. I have a lot for you too. Speak to you soon.


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