I bet you've never had a day like I did yesterday!!!!!

IMAGINE...sitting comfortably at your scrap table, totally in the zone, when something completely out of the ordinary happens! Like unbeknownst to you an unwanted visitor decides to slither through your back door, down your hallway, take a left at the next door, past your couch then right into the bedroom area and proceed to slither under your closed door, past you (which by the way at this point you have taken full flight and are standing on the chair screaming your little heart out) and then the said unwanted visitor curls up entangled in your power board behind your filing cabinet....well it happened to me!!!!

I still have a hoarse throat from the panicked screams and bewilderment...ewwwwww!

This is who decided he/she might pay me a visit and thank god for Jas, Angies hubby who came and saved the day! I'm calling Jas, Steve from now on, faaar out, he was at my house in a flash with his snake wrangling hook thingamyjig and was out in an instant with the culprit that caused my minor conniption, well actually lets be honest HEART ATTACK!

All Dan could say after his return from the gym was..'I always miss out on the fun stuff'...hmmmm yeah WOTEVER!

Hey thanks Jas, your an absolute love for helping me out mate! A 6 pack is coming your way...mwah


  1. OMG - the snake story freaks me out. Be thankful SHane is not the neighbour - hed be on the chair squaealing louder than you!~ cant get to the exhibition today sadly - but talk soon!

  2. OMG OMG I woulda freaked out too!!!!!!!! YUK!!!

  3. OMG that's horrible!!!!!!!! i HATE snakes


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