Please Help Osky find his way home!

'OSKY' has gone missing! 
Last night we came home from going to dinner, to find Osky has run away. We had some heavy storms which may be why he has disappeared. Unfortunately he does not have his collar on but is registered (#719129) and microchipped(#982009100063190).

He is a Black and Tan Kelpie X aged 12 years old. He is our constant companion, and my baby! He is friendly and easy going.

If anyone has seen him in Southport or the surrounding areas could you contact the Animal Welfare League on 07-55099000, Gold Coast City Council Pound on 07-55817600 or the Australasian Animal Registry on 02-97041450, we would really appreciate your help! 

Alternatively you could leave a comment here letting us know if you have sighted him or kindly taken him into your home! 
 Or contact Daniel Stafrace or Emma Stafrace on Facebook. 


  1. Oh no Em :( he is beautiful....hope you get him back safely soon xxx big hugs!!

  2. Oh Em I hope you find him soon! Hopefully he'll turn up again shortly.

    Sheree xx


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