Osky is HOME!

We were out on Saturday night having dinner at the restaurant Dan used to be Head Chef at, celebrating the Apprentice qualifying, we met the new team and had lots of scrummy Pinacoladas. 

My first port of call in the search for Osky was the park we take him to, quite literally at the end of our street. When we got there I started to cry like there was no tomorrow because the storm water drain that runs the entire length of the park was a raging river overflowing onto the grassy verges. I just knew Osky had gone to the park, I could sense it for some reason. Anyways it was too dangerous to stay there the water was rising and you couldn't see the grass for the water pools.

Later that morning when the clock struck 9 we notified the GC Pound, RSPCA and Animal Welfare that we had lost him. He had no collar on which really worried us, but thankfully he was microchipped and registered. Anyways we left flyers and laminated posters everywhere after trawling the storm water drains and reservoirs with a stick. Our final stop was the Petrol station on the way back home to check if there were any messages on the phone. When we asked the shop owner if we could post a flyer he said a young bloke had 5 mins earlier popped in asking if anyone had lost a dog, so we got our first lead!

We drove around a bit more thinking we might see a guy walking but the rain was still pouring down so hardly anyone was out and about. I said to Dan maybe he should go to the group house around the corner where a group of young blokes lived, so off he went to ask them.

Thats when the phone rang...the pound had received a call from a Lady called Jill, she think she might have a dog that fits Osky's description! I rang Dan and told him the wonderful news..I could hear all the guys at the house that Dan was door knocking, cheering in the background, Dan was screaming the biggest WOOHOOO!!!

We drove a couple blocks from our place to find Osky at the front of the house with Jill and her boyfriend. The weirdest thing was that the boyfriend was the new apprentice we met at Dan's old restaurant the night before, how nuts is that.....spooooky!

Anyways Osky had quite an adventure and was extremely lucky...Jill loves the rain and particularly loves to take walks in it, so she headed out the night before for a wander when she spotted Osky in the park. She called him over because she was worried he'd fall into the storm water drain and walked him back to her place. She fed him left over spaghetti and steak, called him Benson and then popped him into bed with her to watch Dr Who DVD's, ba ha ha. Apparently she wasn't going to notify the pound but that day the landlord of the house she was renting was popping by to do some maintenance and they couldn't keep pets there, so she decided to ring and find out if a dog had been reported missing, thank god for the landlords untimely visit, tee hee

So there you have it, Osky's adventure, him returning home safely and me feeling absolutely buggered from all the worry but am soooo happy to have my best friend home!



  1. Oh that's wonderful news Em! So happy for you! What a relief huh?

    Sheree xx

  2. Wow thank goodness OSKY had been found!!! i would be going out of my mind. I do not have dogs but i have cats but they are my babies. I know some people try to have the best of intentions but how selfish of that lady who found him, she would have kept him without even checking who he belonged to? so happy it had a great ending. Hugs to Osky, Clare xxx


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