Gee where did this year go? I know I mutter it every year but these last 12 months were hectic to say the least and time just slipped by me. It was a year of doctors appointments, treatment, surgeries and healing. Amidst it all, I found solace in my scrapping. When I felt well enough (which really was most of the time), scrapping was and has always been my therapy. Creatively soothing the mind of worries and concerns is so good for the soul and well at times even when I was at my sickest I found the urge to create. I'd immerse myself in all those awesome digital kits which afforded me a mental escape,  a most welcomed relief from my fears.

I also started designing again! I know right, cray cray given the year I had, but like I said tapping into that creative energy is soothing. I’ve been collaborating with Lynn Grieveson Designs using her stunning digital kits to create my template designs and even collaborated with Jennifer Fehr of Simple Pleasure Designs on a collection. Next year brings some new and exciting adventures so stay tuned you just might see more of me around digiland again, but hey lets get back to the TOP 12!

I’ve noticed a theme happening in this years scrap pages, it seems I was motivated by capturing my thoughts and feelings about my family mostly my boys. There's something to be said about facing your mortality, you get busy letting everyone know how much you love them! Thank goodness, after the fight of my life, I’ve been rewarded with many more years yet on this planet, so there will be plenty more time to continue telling them exactly this, that I love them immensely. 

So here you have it, my 2019 TOP 12 pages, if you want all the product details just click on the page title to be redirected. So lets get started, I’m going to begin with one of Dan, my husband, my greatest supporter, my rock. During my cancer journey he never wavered from his love and support even when he was as scared as me. I am eternally grateful to have this awesome guy in my life and well needless to say I scrapped a lot about him this year, so its a bit of a smooch fest for Cookie hehe! But hey I love ‘im to bits!
I found lots of inspiration in the talented paper scrappers out there this year and scrap lifted this page by Missy Whidden.
My sample page for DAY 9 | MOC 19 Challenge I hosted called White on White.
This one showcases my collaboration with my wonderful friend Jennifer Fehr and our collection HELLO YESTERDAY.
My host page for the March Inspiration challenge Spring has Sprung.
All about my personal growth, still working on it btw! haha
Yep, I do, he’s my favourite of all time in the history of ever!

Can never get bored scrapping those baby photos!

It might be loud around here but its colourful and always takes me by surprise!

Need I say more?

Best medicine a cuddle and kiss from your very own special little person.

About the love of my life, the sheer strength this guy shows is amazing, he was my rock and I love him!

Using My and Jennifer’s last collection for 2019 COLD HANDS WARM WEART.

Thats a wrap for 2019 pages, what a year and yet I still managed too scrap our lives.
Hope you like this selection and thanks for stopping by.

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