The last few months of 2018 slipped by me in a land speed record. It was a pretty good year until September then everything changed. In retrospect, even with the enormity of what a cancer diagnosis brings, I am grateful for 2018 and how much I’ve grown. But because it was a crazy scary time in early 2019, I didn’t get a chance to share my top 12 scrapbook pages for the past year!

So here I am 8 months on, but hey better late than never...right? In selecting my top 12 for 2018, I tried pulling pages that got the most likes, pins or GSO mentions to share here, but I definitely slipped in some personal faves too, like this first one. I don’t know if you do it, but I absolutely love to revisit early photos especially ones of Tige. It’s a time when every new experience for him reopened my eyes too. Oh the joy of watching him explore his world, there is nothing quite like it!

So these are my picks. Each very different to the one before. What a year 2018 was and 2019 so far has proven to be quite an experience. Already I have some faves set aside for the next top 12 :)
Enjoy your day!
With love and light
Em x


  1. These are all so amazing Rm, I love the layers, and the details are fantastic.. I hope you are doing great!!

    1. Thank you Lizzy, so nice to get feedback. I am doing great, fantastic actually hehe. Hope you are well too xox


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