Sometimes things get on top of us...its just life...right? I know over the past few years its been a struggle with depression and grasping some of lifes unexpected mishaps. The type that get thrown your way or offer themselves up as trip hazards along the way. But, now I can honestly say I wouldn’t change any of it.

I've learnt some very valuable lessons in life over the last 6 years. Sure at the time I didn’t think in my wildest dreams that I would be here typing those very words, but thats another wonderful thing about surviving difficulties, you become a more robust individual. You start seeing things differently especially off the back of grief and loss. Both are powerful experiences and when you find yourself navigating a bumpy road full of lows you would have to be silly to not realise its also a path to self discovery. Whilst I have a way to go yet, I am starting to really feel like I am a part of things again and much less detached from fear, from that powerful sense of fear that grief bestows apon you. Letting go of fear propels you! 

These three pages are all in celebration of what I’ve learn't and how I choose to live my life from here on out! I have used this most beautiful kit FIND PEACE by Lynn Grieveson which I think is befitting of my new found celebration in life and that is to focus on what really matters.

Hope you like these pages and thank you for visiting my blog.
Hugs Em x

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