Don’t you just love to look back at your crafty work from the last 12 months? Revisiting old pages is always a little trip down memory lane. Looking at my projects from this year, I have to admit all I seem  to scrap is Tige and its been a big year with family visits, making new friends and working on the house too so you'd think I'd have much more fodder to scrap but I always tend to go for photos of Tige! 

Soooo.... I think I’ll have to make my NEW YEAR SCRAPPY RESOLUTION one where I’ll endeavour to capture the other life stuffs like the daily grind & weekend adventures. Outings with friends and the milestones no matter how small. I had better start documenting that gorgeous kitty of ours Sir Slinky and all the fun projects we have been doing around the house. I promise 2018 will be a little more multi facetted with a bigger glimpse into my world. 
Have fun capturing 2018 everyone, cant wait to see all your amazing pages throughout the year!
Hugs Em x

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