Living with a boy is fun! I’ve never really been a girly girl but I certainly didnt anticipate spending my time talking poo, wee, bum and burps nor did I expect to endure countless hours in gross conversations about snot, bugs and spooky creatures but hey that is the life lived with a 6 year old boy and in all honesty I couldn’t, wouldn't and will never trade it... no way José!

One of the greatest highlights of being a mum is watching your child flourish. I am forever in a spin at how fast Tige has grown and have a proverbial bruised arm from pinching myself at feeling so blessed to witness his life. I know I'm probably sounding like an over bearing mum but in all honesty I am just still so amazed by it all.

Some of the most wonderful and pure things in life is to see your child learn something new, conquer a new skill and learn to love a new experience. One of those things recently happened in our household, Tige learn’t to...RIDE HIS BIKE! Yep what a momentous time and well surely that deserves a scrap page. I created these using the latest release by Kimeric Creations called ‘A BOY’S LIFE | Collection’ which was a perfect fit for scrapping these happy snaps.
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Em x


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