Hi Everyone, I know its been a while since I posted here, jeepers what a hectic year! I only have one kidlet and with Tige having started school its been all systems go. Tige has been learning to read and write which is so exciting (Bring on Roahl Dahl) and making new friends at school has really taken on a whole new level of what it means to be a parent. Those little preppies are just too cute, but all year I found myself sounding like a broken record honestly who are these little peeps and where did our babies go, more to the point...'where has the time gone?’ One minute your living breathing and soaking up this ever changing baby thinking you’ve got this I wont miss a beat and then in the blink of an eye just when you're not looking that baby is off to school! 

With school came a whole different set of rules. Learning to read, write and behave responsibly was on the daily menu and you as a parent are caught up in this whirl wind of 28 kids all vying for a place in this vast new world. Everyday Tige is becoming more a big boy than the little fella that was my shadow. He has made some great friends, explored new things now with a part of his life, to a certain extent independant of momma bear (insert sad face here).

He is gone all day... only to dump and run when he gets home and off he goes to play outside riding his bike with the local kids, heyyyy cooooo-eeee mumma misses you! He is swimming so well and is so competitive I wonder if it might be squad for him in a few short months. I just feel like were into a whole new phase of family, the ‘mum taxi’ era is gaining momentum!

So I thought before the year slips into a new one I’d better get this butt into gear and share some pages that I have created over the last twelve months that really resonate with me. Each of these are created using my own digital designs and Page Drafts templates by The Nifty Pixel. Some of these pages you may not have seen yet given I have been realllllllly slack in posting on my personal blog, (I do miss it around here btw) and I hope you enjoy seeing them all!
There ya go a little look at the year we had. I must admit I am not the best at documenting my year  properly maybe I can make that my New Years Resolution scrap a major event from each month rather than revisiting old photos, better luck next year... lol!

Have a fabulously festive Christmas everyone and a Wonderful New year.
Hugs Em xo

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