Whoa hold ya horses, let me answer the first and second questions before tackling the third, fourth and fifth! Life is a constant barage of questions and answers now and although I thought I was all gee'd up for the next few years of being a walking encyclopaedia {hope I spelt that correctly!} I really think I need some more brain training and restful sleep!

Tige is now a variatable walking, seeing, hearing and tactile sponge. There is no amount of information that he is not hungry for and well to put it simply, I thought I was tired before now I am just a washed up and wrung out old and discarded dishcloth that needs to be hung out to dry, gee whizz talk about overload!

The joys of life living with a toddler and I LOVE IT!

This weeks Casefile #101 over at C.S.I-Color Stories Inspiration is a ripper! Great palette and lots of fun prompts so had to have a play along. I missed the release but here is my DT page anyways ;)

'All His Questions'
Digital Credits:
Template #10 by Created by Beszteri
Stitched Felt Heart by Created By Beszteri
Date Buttons by Created By Beszteri
Plastic Alpha by Sahlin Studio
Tear Set 2 by Simply Tiffany Designs
Big Number week Cards by Emily Merritt

I used soem metal washers as {silver accents} scattered across the page and also included a couple of {silver} {circle} {frame}'s. I used two different {numbers} to form the year in which this photo was taken and lastly part of the title work is {transparent} alpha.

I journaled all about how wonderful (and yet trying at times) the quiz zillion guestions my son has now began asking are...he he. This was written in a {cursive handwriting}.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you have a fantastic weekend!
Hugs Em xo


  1. Love, love, love the toddler questions! Gorgeous layout.x

  2. Fabulous layout, and all those questions mean you have a very bright boy who is a sponge learning so much !!


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