Here is the current challenge #56 over at CSI. This weeks was a tonne of fun! I don't know whether it was the colour palette (which is swoon worthy btw), or if it was the fun combination of evidence required to make it work. All I know is that I had to use this pic of Tige which I took on my iPhone and which I tweeked using 3 great apps, Vintique, Bokeh and Lens Flare.

I have always been inlove with Tige's cheeks, even in utero they were chubby. We could see that was clearly evident in the week 30 scan. It was mum who said he '....looked like a squirrel storing nuts in his cheeks for the winter' and well yep that about sums it up except these days its vegemite & cheese sangers and a whole lot of air raspberries tee hee.

'Those Cheeks'
Rippled Plastic Styles by Just Jaime
Family word Mix No :1 by Anna Aspnes
Pop on over to CSI for a bit of fun, their 1st Birthday Blog hop...
 is in full swing with plenty of prizes up for grabs and there is still two days of celebration to go, woohoo oh and of course the current casefiles are worth a look in too so pop on over!


  1. Totally understand how you feel about his cutsie li'l cheeks....LOVE this colour palette & I really like your red/white banners there:):)

  2. Love it. Always so innovative Miss Em. Cheers Di xo

  3. Totally delicious! It's got a glorious 'magical' feeling x

  4. This is so cute! Fab page and a lovely story x

  5. He is too cute for words!! Chubby cheeks are so very kissable...

    Love these colours, may have to finally break my funk and do some scrapping.hope you are not too close to any flood waters, we are only getting the edges of it way down here. hugs x

  6. Wow it's stunning. Love those pictures and those bubbles I love the effect on the photos

  7. As Karen said such a cutie - love the page and the awesome new colour scheme xo

  8. Love the design. And yes, those cheeks are so kissable :)

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