Its week two of my Special Investigator spot at C.S.I and this weeks Casefile #41 is a fresh soft pastel palette that is right up my alley. I am loving all the muted tones of late and this one didn't disappoint. I created another digital page using a sequence of photos I took a couple of years back of myself and my trusty Canon 1000D EOS. I love these photos and although I have used them a few times already they were a perfect contrast to the color palette.

My Evidence includes lots of {texture} and {layers} using various digital brushes borders and element stacks to reflect that. An {Ombre} cardstock base, some cute hearts and some wire brackets for the {Gold Elements} and finally in a very loose way the camera lens represents {Something that opens}.

My testimony is based on the Journal Prompt #12: Early Days, from the 
It invited you to discuss how our childhood defines a lot of who we are as people. This specific journal prompt, wanted you to talk about one significant moment in your childhood. It was a difficult one to go with but I was up to the challenge. 

So journalled about my childhood without a father and how this saddens me even more so now that I have a child of my own and witness daily how amazingly close my son and husband are. But I also talk about how I share some commonalities with my father like the love of photography and that if anything this is the one thing that inherently connects us. Anyways no matter how poorly I wrote it, it was somewhat cathartic perhaps I should share more about the things that cause me pain...hmmmm baby steps tee hee!

 'This is Me...'
Digital Credits:
Border Madness{IQ} by Studio 68
Barely There Brushes Set 2 by Simply Tiffany Studio
Floral Brushes 3 by DeviantART/Etoil Du Nord
Ombre Paper by Me

Here is the link for Casefile #41 pop over for a gentle stroll through the gallery and check out all the amazing pages the girls have created, there is so much sweetness to absorb!

So there you have it, if your up for a fun challenge that gets the brain a thinkin' then head on over to CSI and give it a whirl. Oh and if your up for some more fabulous Studio 68 digtal goodness you can npw also purchase Sandra's beautiful kits and packs over at Oscraps.


  1. Beautiful lo Em. You mastered the colors on this one to a tee!

  2. You amaze me Em, it doesn't matter what the colours are you always seem to nail them!! You have used these pastels beautiully and your journalling is fabulous. Thanks for sharing!

  3. loving this!! Its amazing how you combine all the elements. it looks as if it comes so easily to you, it probably does because I'm so clueless digitally!!

  4. Seriously amazing Em, love your style!!


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