Over the last christmas holidays we headed south to spend some much needed time with our families. When we were hanging with my sister in-law and brother in-law, Jermaine showed us his beautifully made dining table.

Now his table seats a small army with up to 18 people comfortably congregating around it. I got all inspired and asked if he would be comfortable with me commissioning him to make me a table but not as big as his tee hee. Anyways we talked about some designs and decided on creating a table from reclaimed wood to keep the cost down and because I love the rustic look.

After lots of research on the net I came across a beautiful table made from wood palettes and instantly knew this is exactly what I wanted. So I emailed Jermaine the piccie for inspiration and after a couple more phone calls and as many more emails fine tuning the design, Jermaine has started on the project. He is hoping to have it finished by September in time for Tiges Christening and I am buzzed to see it in situ.

Here are some of the piccies showing the stages of the build with more to come.
Lovely palette covered in concrete and spray paint taboot!
The deconstructed palette...

...and my Chevron table top which will seat 10 peeps!
(I wonder if diggy dawg comes with it tee hee)

The table top will be sanded back, the edges capped, oiled and ultimately detachable so it can be easily dismantled and used outdoors when we need extra table space. I can't wait to see its next incarnation I am holding my breath in anticipation! 

Gotta love my bro too...thanks Jermaine your one talented bloke! xox

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  1. You lucky, lucky thing. A 'bespoke' table & it's gonna be STUNNING.....yum:):):):)


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