This weeks word at Bird is the Word went live yesterday. CHANGE is the perfect word this week given BITW has some fabulous new DT members, so exciting! So pop over and check out the new team, their links are here in the current word post and I am certain you'll get lots of fresh inspo from these creative ladies.

This weeks word is also a perfect fit for me,  its almost like the change in weather was a catalyst for finally actioning an all important change in my own life.

I suspect many of you are like me and dont talk about your personal life well atleast in a forum like this. Generally I tend to harbour my difficulties because I am scared that if exposed it will be taken advantage of as it has been in the past. Its sad but this past year I have experienced some major disappointments, and hey that is just a part of lifes intricacies I get that. But I feel like I have finally decided after months of allowing this to affect me, that this feeling of hurt really has no place in my life that its time to let go. Time to make 'change', time to unburden myself of the pain of being let down and start to focus on what I can share, contribute and encompass in a way that helps me evolve in a more positive way.

This page below is actually a digital layout, however the background is a collage I created for a circle journal I am involved in at the moment (will share in another post). I loved how the page background came together that I decided to photograph it to create a digital paper.  I also think the quote sums up my new way of thinking to put it to practice ;)

Thank you for stopping by and if your keen for a cha[lla]nge then head on over to BITW and join in on the fun the prize is a $25 voucher from our new sponsor Scrap Locker who are also in addition offering 10% off any order placed during the month of June for BITW subscribers only. How cool is that!


  1. Love those elongated circlish shapes you've got going in the bg....& that quote is a GREAT one & sooooo true....your work really is exquisite & glad you've worked out that you can't change others; only yourself & your reactions:):):) I'm still WORKING on the concept. Work in progress. Called 'life', methinks:):)!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous Em and I am glad you are embracing the word change!!!

  3. oh Em... that background has me in.. wish I could touch it.. love it... and that quote my sweet friend.. can I steal it... LOVE it :)
    Change... yep... I am totally embracing change right now...happy week :)) xx

  4. Emma, the background is just fabulous, I love it you are so creative - your design and your use of colours are more than beautiful... thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Em, i absolutely love your page, the design is gorgeous (as always!) and the quote is so true. And to he** with those negative people and comments. Do not let them win!


  6. Oh wow! I love this! Fabulous background and pics!

  7. love your layout!

    Can`t wait to work with you at Bird is the word :)


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