has a special offer on subscription at the moment, in aide to help raise funds for the victims of the lastest devastating tornadoes that have wrought havoc on their community only a couple of days ago. Thankfully most are safe but many are displaced beacause they have lost their homes. Read the following excerpt posted today on the forum and in their newsletter and lend a helping hand by grabbing this generous offer.

"By now, you’ve probably heard about the tornadoes and the devastating effects they’ve had on our small community  here in Dexter, MI. Ever since we announced that we would be temporarily closed until we’re able to get things back to normal, we’ve been hit by a landslide of e-mails sending prayers, good thoughts and lots of hugs. Many have asked if there is anything they can do to help.
Yes, there is.
As a way of raising relief funds for the hundreds of people who have lost their homes (many of whom were already dealing with financial hardships) and are now taking shelter in school gym’s and cafeterias and will be displaced soon, we would like to hold a very special sale.
Simply share some love and get some love. All of our subscription plans, except for monthly, are on sale, and if you purchase the Lifetime Special (a really screaming deal!), all proceeds from this special offer will be shared with in-need families in the Dexter, MI area.
The Lifetime subscription is just that. It never expires. And for a limited time, it’s roughly the same amount as a one-year subscription would be if paid on monthly installments! That’s unlimited years of fabulous content for just a few bucks more than a year!
To purchase, please use promotion code DEXTER to receive 25% off term subscriptions, depending on which one you choose.  No promo code is needed for the Lifetime subscription, but this special price won’t last for long. Get it now while you can.
And don't forget. You can also purchase subscriptions as gifts for friends and loved ones! They'll appreciate your kindness and so will we!
We sincerely thank you for being a part of the Scrapbook News and Review community and for all the love and support you’ve been sending our way. It’s greatly needed...and appreciated."

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