Since my mini me' little personality started to shine through I have not laughed as much as I have these past 3-4 months. I looked in the mirror for the first time in a longtime today and actually saw myself along with those fine lines creasing the corner of my eyes. Sure I pop the mascara and eyeliner on ( I try to keep up appearances, lol), but I havent taken stock of the physical changes in me especially since becoming a mum and what I saw in the mirror was a very different me staring back...and you know what I like her!

My husband says he see's me differently since I have become a mum, I didn't think it was that obvious. But he seems to think I am sexier, thats gotta be a good thing, hey! But I dont see that, I see, weekly menu planning, shopping lists, a must do the dusting of the skirting boards tomorrow, oh and don't forget to ring the mechanic and book the car in. I know these are all everyday things that millions of women across the globe juggle daily but when you have a kid (and for 40 years I didn't) you realise how precious time is...OMG you realise how at the speed of light time slips by!

All I can say is I don't really care, all I am cheering for these days, my time as and the opportunity to be a stay at home mum watching in wonderment how this little boy makes me feel so happy...I wonder what you must think of me, but mostly I wonder how you must feel now that you have discovered your finger fits in your nostril, I suspect pretty happy with yourself !

Thank you my cheeky little archaeologist for making my heart sing and for those new fine lines that make me, me!


  1. Here, here...to you and fine lines! Heeeheeeee!

  2. Hi Emma,

    The fine lines just gives us character. Love your honesty and believe me I feel the same way sometimes. Our kids gives us a new meaning of "life", in a good way of course.

    And of course you're one "hot" mama!! Don't think otherwise.

    Stop by my blog, I have a surprise for you..


    1. Mari thank you so much for your lovely words and the surprise xox

  3. Such a beautiful post Em... and gorgeous pic of your adorable archaeologist....

    Jenny x

  4. Hi Emma, I came by your blog from Marivic's blog! I love the sentiment of your post.. I think we all take stock every now and then, especially after becoming a Mom..and that's good..put's thing in perspective and allows one to see what's really important! Thanks for allowing me to remember that! Have a great day!

  5. oh I love your writing Miss Em :))))
    AND he and you are GORGEOUS!!!!

  6. Oh I love your Blog-Colors (it's a eye catcher) and thank you so much for your sweet comment on my Blog!!!


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