Sometimes its so hard to find that perfect rub-on to use on your project. But now you can create your very own by using a simple product called 'Grafix Rub-Onz Transfer Film' which you can now purchase at Scrapboutique

The Great thing about this product is its versatility. You can stamp, draw or print your customised design allowing endless possibilities and overall effects and styles. Follow this easy step by step tutorial to create your very own rub-on and start having fun designing! If you have any further questions drop me a message and I'll happily answer them for you.

Step 1: Create a design on your computer.
Step 2: Add your image to word document, making sure to reverse your image. This is especially important if printing text.
Step 3: Ensure your printer options are set to Resolution=High & Paper=Transparency or Photo Paper (This will be determined by doing a trial run. I found that setting it at photo paper used too much ink which caused it to become blotchy).
Step 4: Print your design on the Rough side of the Rub-Onz Film and let dry. You can speed the drying process up by using your heat gun but keep the nozzle a good 15cm away from the Film to prevent buckling. Neatly cut any excess paper away to use with another design. (NB: You can stamp or draw your design.) 
Step 5: Apply the adhesive sheet to the printed side of your rub-on. This is done by cutting the blue sheet to size then carefully removing the blue protective liner from the adhesive sheet and layering it over the printed side of your film, ensuring there are no bubbles or air pockets.
Step 6: Trim as close as possible to your decal design.
Step 7: Peel away the liner that is covering the adhesive sheet.
Step 8: Apply the adhesive side of decal to a clean and dry surface like you would with a pre-made rub-on using a ice-cream stick or a boner.

Step 9: Peel away the frosted film to reveal your custom design below.

Step 10: Your finished design.

Hope someone finds this helpful have fun and a big thanks for stopping by! mwah


  1. Hi Em... Oooh This is a Merveleous idea... You are just Fabulous as always,,,,

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