Masking fluid is made from a Rubber latex solution, so when it dries it peels off. Its original application was intended for water colourists but is now becoming a popular must have in any stampers kit.

In the past, and although it is still perfectly okay to mask a stamp in the more traditional way by stamping your image on two separate pieces then cutting one out to over lay on top of the other before continuing on with stamping the next layer, you can now with very little fuss apply a coat of masking fluid, heat set it then stamp over the top again in a very quick time period.

Using this material is an easy no fuss way to mask areas on your project, to protect an image when applying layered stamp techniques  and a great way to achieve interesting backgrounds directly on your cards and layouts.

By simply using a small paint brush you can paint over an intricate stamped image or be bold and use a large brush to sweep it in big strokes across your page, you could even write some typography on your cardstock then spray mist, paint or stamp over it, peel it off and see what interesting layers you have created.

In these following steps I have created 3 unique cards by making some simple stamped discs in about 20 mins.

Some Materials you'll need:
Misting Screen
Spray Mists
Masking fluids
Step 1:
Spray Mist or paint your background for your stamp.
Heat set to speed the drying time up.
Step 2:
Stamp the image onto the background.
Heat set to speed the drying time up.
Step 3:
Paint over your stamp using the 'Masking Fluid'.
You can be as precise as you like 
or get painterly with it, 
depending on what look you want to achieve.
The fluid dries quickly, but you can see where 
you have painted because of its milky tone. 
Set aside to dry or heat set to speed drying time up.
Step 4:
Stamp another design, spray mist or paint over the top of your masked area.
Set aside to dry or heat set to speed drying time.
Step 5:
Peel off the Masking Fluid, this will generally come off in one piece,
but depends on how thick or thin you applied it.
Step 6:
Cuttle bug your disc using a circular shaped die.
You can use any shaped punch if desired.
Step 7:
Use them on a layout as embellishments or on cards like I have done.
Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial or found this product of interest. If so, you should be able to pick Masking fluid up at your local Art Supply Store.
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  1. Wow...never heard of masking fluid before, will have to buy some. Brilliant tutorial...thank you!
    Your cards are FAB!

  2. Wow this is awesome! Great idea!!! TFS! :D

  3. This is totally fabulous Em! Thanks for sharing I may just have to give this one a go!


  4. great tutorial emma,thanks for sharing


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