I have spent weeks trawling the internet to find the perfect theme for our bubba's nursery. Its such a hard one to decide on, especially when you don't want to know the babies gender. So we have decided to go with something not so gender specific and keep it simple...LESS IS MORE...tis my decorating mantra!

The theme we've picked is 'WOODLAND'... thats not a surprise for some of you who know I have an infatuation with all things woodgrain tee hee! Here are a few piccies and ideas we have discovered so far that just might get a serious look in when the time comes to decorate...
Love the tree decals and colour scheme with this one.
Really liking the wood paneling as a feature wall, 
hmmm its a possibility!

I have also started a little collection of picture frames mostly red and white ones and a few letters I have bought from Reverse Garbage that will get a new life in a similar grouping on a wall like this image below...

I discovered this absolute must have online the other week and know that it would be a perfect little addition to the
nursery...its a beanbag that looks like a sleeping grizzly bear...isn't it just the cutest! 
Sleeping Grizzly Beanbag
They also have these gorgeous knitted Beaver logs.

...oh gosh gotta have me some of these, you can get them here at Chicsindesign just follow the links to their Etsy shop!

I also found another fabbo site called Design Public, which is a great resource for things that are a little bit left of centre in the baby nursery category. 
Here's a little 'faun' cushion that caught my eye
and this Mushroom clustered side table designed by Thomas Wold. 

I am seriously thinking I'll be buying some MDF and getting my Jig Saw out of the shed for this little project!

Well thats it for now, but I am going to start the hunt for some fabbo and affordable art work that would work in the nursery... stay tuned for a post on that one! TFL


  1. I had a thought - you could use ALL your woodgrain everything and have the whole nursery wall covered - reverse garbage, transparencies, vinyl, paper, emboss folders...the list is endless!!! PMSL!!!

  2. LOL...I know exactly...I looked around my scrap room after reading your post and simply nodded in agreement, ba ha ha!


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