Like a lady possessed, I have been creating little pockets full of art, my beloved ATC addiction has well....been fully satisfied for another month. Here's a few I have completed over the past couple of weeks.
This one is an '80's' Theme at Scrap'N'Art
so naturally I had to do my fave singer of the time Ms Annie Lennox!
This one was a swap with the Westfield Ladies a group I meet with every 3rd sunday. The theme is 'Apron'. But the funny thing is Lisa emailed me her design and we discovered how similar our designs were. So I changed mine to the one below this one.
Here's the new design for the 'Apron Swap'. I love this 2nd design, it pays homage to my favourite graffiti artist BANKSY!
This cute little skeleton ATC was a Swap at Born2Create. The theme was 'Acetate' so I figured how cool would it be to use some x-rays, then I realised when I was making this ATC I was singing the 'Bones Song' so I added a couple of lines from the lyrics...tee hee. Love how this worked out. 
Thanks for having a looksie and I hope you have a great week.


  1. AND I am SO glad they will end up in one of my little treasured folders !!!! They are awesome - LOVE LOVE LOVE the skeleton

  2. how awesome are they,
    I never been into ATC, but you might be converting me.
    haha :) xx

  3. Woot Em, I'm so glad that you decided to change your apron one...Now I'll get two more of your little creations =)...Nice job on all the ATC's. I finally finished colouring in all my 'Wild West' ones tonight, I just so wish I had more time to join other swaps. What the hell am I typing, I can't keep up with the few I'm in now. ATC's are so addictive and when you get to see 9 little creations from other artists all in one sleeve, it's amazing to see how they all see the same 'Theme' differently.

  4. Babe totally loving all your little creations, I really love both the apron ones, If your swapping the first one out still, I will make you a different Apron one too :D So happy and honored to have miss em in my atc folder!! Love ya work gorgeous!!! xxxx

  5. OOh Just love your recent look and ATC'S... Just adorable....

  6. Sooooo loving your work Emma and these ATC's are just stunning!!!!!

  7. Hi Em... Go check my blog, I've got a Tag for you """

  8. Your ATC's are totally amazing chicky babe :)

  9. I love your work, it's fantastic. Can't wait to see which Apron ATC I get in the swap, I think they're both fantastic.


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