We Met Again in 2010

Its been an interesting couple of years for me. I have found some old friends again which has been an absolute blast. Have you ever lost a dear friend and over the years wondered about them, what they are up to and where are they now? 

Thats exactly what has happened to me! 

Brett and I met many moons ago when we worked at the National Press Club together in Canberra. We soon became inseparable, working lots of functions and then partying hard into the early hours dancing our little toots off. We had a saturday morning ritual, dragging ourselves out of bed to fill up on a large cooked brekky with freshly squeezed orange juice at our local cafe in the city and then a spot of retail therapy which always works well for curing a hangover! We'd read the paper or a glossy magazine but mostly people watch...

Dan, Brett and I decided we wanted to live in a fancy apartment so we joined forces and rented a schmick apartment in Kingston, which proved to be heaps of fun. We had lots of parties, poor neighbours and frequented our local hot spots only a hop, skip and a jump from our pad!

Brett moved to Sydney to party hard & Dan and I got ourselves a house, a dog & settle down into domesticity. 

For many years I wondered about Brett and what he was up to, if he was in a good place personally and if we would ever find each other again! It was 13 years later when I got an amazing phone call out of the blue from yes...BRETT! Omgosh I was soooo excited and this funny feeling of a sense of relief came over me...my gorgie bestie was back!

Brett told me that he was at work one day when a lady came in for some coffee. She worked with us at the NPC all those years ago, and kept in contact with another friend mutual friend of ours whom I am still very close to. So there you have it, the numbers were swapped and now Brett is back with gusto! Tee hee

This Easter Brett came and stayed with Dan and I, we spent all weekend swapping stories and reminiscing about the good old days it really was a lot of laughs and I am so happy to have him back! Love ya Bretty...mwah

Here's a piccie of Daniel and Brett...
& here's a little LO I did this morning of Brett and I.
TFL ;)


  1. Awww.....So happy for you hunnie!!! Glad you have found your bestie!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter. Love the LO!!! Luv Shaz xoxo

  2. isnt it great finding ol besties!!!
    LOVE that LO :) x

  3. Hi Em... It's a precisous gift to get back an old friend. Love you page Best Buds... Just gorgeous...

  4. Awesome story with a happy ending. And I love your layout :)

  5. such a wonderful story Em and the LO is just beautiful :) glad you were able to re-connect with your buddy xxx

  6. Loved reading your story! And what an amazingly awesome layout!!! Love it HEAPS! It's just fab! :D


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