This past week I have been lunching in the staff room (trying desperately to kick the habit of cigarettes), and finding that I have been having some interesting conversations that my lunch break seems to fly by. Anyways in passing one of the ladies said she had visited my blog through FB and loved my LO's which was a proud moment tee hee. This ended up being a chit chat about scrapbooking and card making and about the cost of materials.

I started to tell the girls about how when I was a kidlet I would spend hours sorting through my grandmas tin of buttons, trying to find pairs and colour blocking them, which must be the Visual merchandiser coming out in me even then as a little girl. Its funny the things you remember in conversation, because I recalled the gorgeous delicate and dainty ones in my grandmas collection (so typical of the 1940's)and how she used to tell me what garment the button belonged to and where she had worn it. I really wish I still had that tin of buttons, I know I would treasure them now forever!

Anyhoo, yesterday morning 2 ladies came to me bearing little bags of...yeeeees clapping excitedly here...their buttons! OMGosh I was close to tears with excitement and happiness... they had given me their buttons! So I just had to photograph a small portion to share with you! Might I add there are some Red 'Versace' buttons no less in this little pile, tee hee. And will be giving all of these cuties pride of place in the perfectly suited LO when the time comes!
Thank you soooo much my lovely David Jones Ladies, Jackie and Chris you are so worth bottling! Mwah


  1. OMG!!! you lucky girl! they are beautiful honey.. i am sure you will make them shine in your LO's.. maybe a LO about those buttons is on the cards???
    miss you babe mwah!

  2. How awesome is that!!! I foraged through my MIL's button tin recently and found lots of treasures in there. Look forward to seeing some of these on layouts soon :).

  3. OMG - I am SO doing a raid on your place!!!!

  4. Oh wow Em that's so sweet of them. But then you're such a sweetie they wouldn't be able to resist!!


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