Funny Faces & NO more photos!

Trying to find my mojo again, why does it take a holiday at the most opportune time, times such as now when I have nothing to do especially with Mr D back at the mines, hmmm maybe he's my muse! 
Boredom has set in already and I can't think of a thing to scrapbook...eek! To be completely honest here in lies the problem...I HAVE NO PHOTO's!!! I know... how whacked out is that, given I carry the camera  around with me most of the time tee hee! I need to get snap happy!
Anyways here is a page I completed at Scrapboutique.Its Karen's first challenge as guest stylist with us, and its a ripper.

The criteria was to use only 1XPP,1XEmbellishment, to also include hand written journaling on the page as well as some doodling.
The last two are so out of my comfort zone and I some what cheated with my final design sneakily using hidden journaling behind the top photo.... I did however manage to find the courage to do some doodling even if only some faux stitching but hey its like jumping off a cliff for me, a major step to put a pen to the Layout...funny given I studied at Art School minoring in Life drawing you'd think I'd be plenty comfortable with drawing on paper...hmmmm. I used some basic Swiss Dot Bazzil Stock as the base and some fantastic woodgrain vinyl for my hand made embellishments. I also incorporated my own woodgrain transparency which still needs some digital tweaking before I get it professionally printed to sell and lastly the good old Dymo Embossing Tape makes an appearance!
Okay well I'm off to play some Hidden Object Games, have a great night or day wherever you are!
TFL Mwah 


  1. I love your latest layout Em! Yummo!! And hey if you are out of photos .... there's always a few hundred or so here! ;-) hehehe

  2. LOL Star, might just take you up on that offer! tee hee

  3. I just had a stack printed - help yourself!! See you tomorrow


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