Making Pizza and Mud Pies and Plenty of Good times...

I'm back!!!! Yippee, its so nice to be home, back to the warm sunny rays of the GC. It was so nice to be down south though, I miss home, family and friends and to see everyone again has got me thinking more about moving back to them all. Theres nothing like sharing a few good laughs with wine and toasting marshmallows over the fire, yummo!

I had an awesome time spent catching up with mum and admiring her newly renovated home, she has the knack for design. We did all the things a couple of giggly girls would do, saw a chick flick 'The Proposition' with a few of her friends. We cooked the best cakes only country folk can bake, bring on the Lemon Meringue Pie that is a foot high and mums Apricot & Caramel Upside down cake (angels food), both delectable, we ate home grown eggs double yolkers taboot, oooh its the life.

I spent a day on my girlfriends farm brushing and rugging the horses,and then ate more food, geez it seems all I've done is eat my way around the South West Riverina and Canberra.

'Taffy' the Shetland Pony.

Catching up with Jas, Lucy and the kids was fantastic, the kids have grown up so much in a year and Kellan my godson is such an independent little soul, so sure of what he does and doesn't want, my biggest achievement was to get a voluntary kiss after many attempts to woo him.

Kellan eating all the cheese off the pizza and Miss Jenna making Mud Pies, yummo!

Logan aka 'Logie' is coming along leaps and bounds, he is ism'ing less and has a predisposition for singing so I spent much of my time with him singing the Clapping Song and him requesting I sing it 'FASTER', I was sooo out of breath but it was worth the hysterical laughter Logie shared...

Finally here is my entry for the August Sketch Challenge that Ang I'm really happy with how it turned out, particularly the pull out tags made it more interactive, I guess the idea came from all the children's books I was reading to the kids whilst on my holiday!

Thanks for looking ladiez, Em xox

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  1. Hi Em!!! Welcome back! Sounds like you had the most wonderful time down south.

    Wow I love your layout... the texture with the clouds and that stitching looks fantastic!!!

    Sheree xx


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