Cabin Fever, Boyz Rock and Happy Snaps...

I have been having a rough time of it the past 6 weeks, 4 of which I've been assigned to light duties and the other 2 was a week back at work at full capacity only to re-inflame my prolapsed disc again...grrrrr, and then to find myself on Doc's order to have complete rest...LYING DOWN!!!

This has been the hardest thing to do, couped up in the house trying to get comfortable with the Sciatic pain, only leaving the confines of my wee home to visit the physio and go to Hydrotherapy both being the highlights of my week.

I have however discovered a new traction technique which has really helped although I am certain the kiddies at my local playground, think to themselves, here comes that old chook again to hang off the jungle gym. I have to dangle by hand from the bar to stretch out my spine, and I know this looks funny for a 40 year old to being doing, but its my saving grace. I have never felt taller and the relief it provides is awesome.

This morning a little toddler pronounced on my arrival whilst pointing to the swing 'Mine..', his dad just winked at me, but I think the dad was more curious as to why I was there without child. Anyhoo off I go to dangle myself when the little boy came over and asked "..what cha doing?" to which I replied "...dangling" which he thought was hilarious, lol Nothing like a free physio session at your local playground and providing a good belly chuckle to a 3 year old, I certainly had more fun than I have ever had at one of my sessions ;)

Anyways here is what I have been doing to while away the long boring hours.

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Leus my Nephew on a visit to the Gold Coast earlier this year.

Some more fun playing around with Dan's photos.

Thanks for looking!


  1. You poor thing Em! The pain must be so aweful... but at least you've been able to get some relief from your dangling! (Even if you do feel a little silly... whatever works!) Hope you're on the mend soon.

    You just keep churning out these awesome digi's... love them!

    Sheree xx

  2. Loving all your new layouts Em!!
    I hope your back gets better soon :( It's the worse thing!! Have fun dangling!! I reckon its a GREAT idea!! and it's FREE ;) xox

  3. ps-i have a blog award waiting for you ;) xox

  4. Wow, cute blog! Love your style! Hope your back feels better soon


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