Its a Lotto job

Ever imagined what life would be like if you won a million dollars?

Yeeeeees, I have and in all honesty I am not a philanthropist, no sharing the loot kind of girl here. I'm a material girl (thanks Madonna for the ode), living in a material world, and the purchase of a house is on top of my list, filled with all my favourite things.

A few months ago Daniel and I visited a Dream Street Display Home at Pacific Pines that we completely fell in-love with. When we walked in we were gob struck which is a mean feat at the best of times. We sat and absorbed this house for a good 2 hours not speaking a word.

The design is reminiscent of Harry Sidler very boxy, but full of all the modcons and obligatory features, of a walk in pantry, media room, cross ventilation, plenty of windows and a lap pool.

Apart from the great design it was the ambience that stole me, I tried to capture it in the photos by taking a whole bunch of them, but it is lost in translation, still for those of you who like open plan living and sense of space in a small environment Civic Steel Homes have nailed it! Check out their portfolio.

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