A Blog award from Angie!

Angie has tagged me with this award, thank you, you made me smile!

1)To post 10 honest things about myself and post the award on my blog.
2)To give this award to some people who follow my blog.

So my bloggers for this award are.....
1. Rebecca B
2. Rachael aka Scrap Princess

And my 10 honest things......

1. I want to live closer to my family but dread the cold so will stay living in Qld.
2. I wish that one day I'll be able to work from home I'm a bit of a homebody.
3. I smoke and hate it, so am slapping a patch on tomorrow! eek
4. I never sketch my designs before creating them, but endeavour to plan more.
5. I should be doing more exercise, yep with you on that one Ang, lol
6. I love to ride my bike, just a bit to lazy to grab it from the shed.
7. I am a shopaholic...
8. and love my husband more so have cut the credit card up, lol
9. I want to learn more about digital scrapping, I have the bug now, bring on the
iMAC, thats one thing I will be buying this year!
10. I'm happy, most of the time, but I'll be ecstatic with life if I have a baby!

Have a lovely week!


  1. Hey Em - thanks for tagging me sweetie xx
    Will have to upload on my blog so you can learn some things about me too. I agree with you on points 1. 5. and 7. :) Hope you had a good weekend hun xxx

  2. hi em, just popping on over from rachels blog, thought id check out your site, Your layouts are super fun. Take care xo

  3. Thanks for taking up the challenge Emma:)

    I know a little more about you now too. Thanks for sharing and look forward to catching up again soon.

    Mwah Angie

  4. Hi Em glad I found my way to your blog..loved checking out your layouts at Debs Creation they are awesome! Good to learn more about you...we have a bit in common! I used to live in QLD - Hervey Bay, I so need to exercise even a little and I would love to learn more about digi scrappin I have only done one digi page and then I ws too scared to try again!!


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